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CICI Probiotic Oral Spray

CICI Probiotic Oral Spray

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170 pumps | per spray (8ml)

Our OSMY CICI Probiotic Oral Spray reduces common morning, evening and post-meal odors, and provides fresher breath for social occasions. Easy to use with 170 pumps that offer 360-degree coverage for deep cleansing in all corners of the mouth.

Key Features & Benefits

3 Spins 1 Spray | 3s Breath Refreshing

  • 360° Freshen Breath: 0.20mm high atomizing nozzles.
  • Mini and Portable: Lipstick size, freshen breath at anytime.
  • Natural and Mild Ingredients: Plant extract formula, gently infiltrates into the mouth.

Probiotic eliminating thousands of bacteria multi-effect refreshing. Double the cooling and refreshing breath and multiple antibacterial formula.


Key Ingredients

  • Cetoptyoxine: CPC Bacteriostatic Factor.
  • Persimmon Extract: Targets the decomposition of sulphides and blocks odour.
  • Xyritol: Prevent dental caries bacteria and freshen breath.
  • Menthol: Purify oral odour and help in exuding natural aroma.

Water, sorbitol, glycerin, PEG-40 hydrogenate castor oil, erythritol, xylital, essence, menthol cetylc hloramine, poloxamer 407, Lactobecilius
paracasel L9, persimmon fruit extract, CI16255.

How To Use

Rotate the housing to expose the nozzle and press it into the mouth.

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